Lynne Alexander - Professional Fine Art Landscape Photographer

Lynne Alexander
Professional Fine Art
Landscape Photographer

Hi, I’m Lynne Alexander, a professional photographer for more than 30 years based in Sydney. To me, photography is more than just a photo - It is an art. It tells the story of a moment and captures that moment forever. I began photography at a very early age, so consequentially I have seen many changes over the years. However, the one thing that has never changed is my passion and the creative drive that I get from each and every shoot. I began my career as a Portrait Photographer, but over the years, my love for the outdoors has grown. Being in nature is what truly inspires me, that very moment when Mother Earth shows her true beauty and smiles is what motivates me to pursue my passion.

Lynne's fusion of light creates timeless masterpieces with her Limited Edition Collection and she endeavours to capture the essence of light in all ways, using the best available light wherever and whenever possible is what she strives for. Lynne was originally born in the UK but moved to Sydney, Australia at 18, where she fell in love with the beaches and lifestyle of Australia. She spent her first number of years travelling around Australia finding her place to call home.

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