On location landscape photography workshops in Sydney

Private Photography Lessons

The easiest way to learn professional landscape photography. I hold private lessons every week in various locations across Sydney.You can either call to book a time, or just fill out the form below.

Learn Landscape photography on location

 3-hour lessons available 7 days a week

 Bring your own camera and equipment

 Take home technical notes with extensive photography information,

 Bring a friend (s) and spilt the cost

 Gift Certificates are available

 Suitable for beginners or serious amateurs

Equipment required

 Digital camera


 Polariser Filter

 Cable Release – recommended

 Sturdy and comfortable walking shoes


 Clothing suitable for all conditions

Whether you’re at beginner. Intermediate, or advanced level, I take photography courses at various locations across Sydney. A standard session is 3 hours, but I’m also available for ongoing weekly photography lessons. I’m also available for group or corporate bookings, and depending on my schedule can do booking outside of Sydney or even interstate. If you’re looking for photography lessons in Sydney then get in touch. I would love to help take your photography skills to the next level.

Beaches / Reef

Lakes / Rivers

Sunrise / Sunset

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