Which Fine Art Landscape Photography Does Fit the Living Room?


Which Fine Art Landscape Photography Does Fit the Living Room?

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Even after having luxurious furniture and perfect renovation, bare walls show something ‘MISSING!’ And that you can fill the blank canvas with the right choice of fine art landscape photography in Perth from our gallery!

But before making any choice, know which type of landscape art will fit your living space!

Features of living room fine art landscape photography

Of course, you don’t need to be an art critic to pick the perfect wall art for your living space! But apart from your personal taste and preference, you should take a look at the following attributes:

Style and theme

While looking for living room landscape photographs, prefer something simple and elegant! The theme and colour contrast should not be like ‘Screaming’ but bright and soft! For light-coloured walls, choose bold shades of landscape art while REVERSE for the dark walls! You can follow us on Facebook for such ideas!

What’s about the frame?

People often overlook this factor and pay all their attention to the size, theme, style, and colour. But the picture frame plays a major role in interior decor! That’s why before choosing, make sure to consider the frame design that fits your interior style.

Size of the wall art

For a bigger room with a high ceiling and minimalistic interior style, a large picture is apt. On the contrary, if you own a small living room, go for small but cute frames side by side and create a landscape gallery wall if possible! At Lynne Alexander Gallery, you can look for our collection!

Also, keep in mind the position of the wall art while hanging n the walls. You can place that directly over the couch or fireplace mantle or close to the front door!

We hope our tips can help you choose the right picture for your living room walls. Also, if you want to learn fine art landscape photography, visit our workshop!